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Kid's don't try this at home!

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The King thinks that farts are funny. He always has, and always will. In my domain the topic of farts will be as acceptable as a discussion of the weather. For example, if you are next to a nice little old lady in line for the movies, it will be perfectly appropriate to say " I have really been farting loudly today!"

That is not to say that the smell is funny. The King knows that other's farts smell. However, probably due to His royal lineage, the King's farts are pure air.

This is a gift, like that of bard, a sweet confrontation with the essence of being. It is a way to shed the facade of civilization and grunt with humanity.

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Those who know me will realize that this person above, has talents that I envy. Alas, this clip came without sound.

By the way, this only seems to work with IE, not Netscape. I'll have to figure it out.

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